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2-way Ballvalves

VCMR202-115aix DN20 ifp Brass vcmr202-115aix_dn20ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR202-115fi DN15 ifp Brass vcmr202-115fi_dn25ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR202-125amix DN25 ifp Brass vcmr202-125amix_dn25ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR202-125usmi DN15 ifp Brass vcmr202-125usmi_dn15ifp_datenblatt.pdf
DN25 ifp Brass vcmr202-125usmi_dn25ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCSR202-1001him DN40 i Stainless Steel vcsr202-1001him_dn40i_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR301-115ai DN15 ifp Brass vcmr301-115ai_dn15ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR301-115fi DN15 ifp Brass vcmr303-115fi_dn15ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR303-125amix DN25 ifp Brass vcmr303-125amix_dn25ifp_datenblatt.pdf

time controlled 2-way Ballvalves

VCMR200-59… vcmr200-59_bedienungsanleitung.pdf
VCMR200-59usti DN15 ifp Brass vcmr200-59usti_dn15ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR200-59usti DN20 ifp Brass vcmr200-59usti_dn20ifp_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR200-59usti DN25 i Brass vcmr200-59usti_dn25i_datenblatt.pdf
VCMR200-59usti DN32 i Brass vcmr200-59usti_dn32i_datenblatt.pdf


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